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Get to Know Me

Meet Your Creativity Coach + Professional Muse

Rachel Venooker Profile Image

Hello! I'm Rachel Venooker. I've been interested in the transformational power of motivational psychology for over 25 years. My formal education includes a degree in Psychology from the University of Vermont and a Life Coach Certification from the Life Coaching Institute. I've worked in restaurants, the hospitality industry, network marketing, retail and non-profit management, Girl Scout leadership, human resources, consulting and technical engineering industries. 

I am excited to put my education and life experiences to good use. I collaborate with people like you toward a place of empowerment and creating a life of meaning, creativity, and alignment.

Beauty in Nature

My Philosophy

Life is as uncertain as it is mysterious. Yet we are given clues, events, and people along the way that help us navigate our life journey. It is my personal philosophy that we are at an inflection point as inhabitants of this planet. The more asleep we are in our own lives, the less aware we are of the impacts of our choices and behaviors.

And we are at a crossroads between living lives with presence and awareness, and ones in which we are half-awake. It is through reconnecting to our Creative Spark, our lust for being alive, our passion practices, that we begin to regain a sense of purpose, and of community. Self Care is Community Care. And investing in one's personal development is an investment in all of us.

Some see me as a Career Counselor, assisting them as they navigate work transitions and vocational shifts.

Some see me as a Creative Guide, serving as the catalyst for reigniting the connection to their Authentic, Passionate, Creative Self.

Some see me as a Life Librarian, providing resources that support their journey along the path of Self Development and Empowerment.

I am all those things and more.

Connect with me to find out how working together, we can help you Create Your Life.

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