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Astro Crush 5/12 - 5/17

Thursday, May 12th through Tuesday, May 17th

Leading the Week:

  • Tuesday, May 10th - yesterday:

    • Mercury slid into Retrograde in Gemini (one of its home signs, land of communication and connecting the dots)

    • Jupiter moved into Aries (Sonic BOOM)

Upcoming Dates:

  • Sunday, May 15th:

    • Saturn in Aquarius squares the Sun in Taurus (Responsibility Meets Reality Check)

  • Monday, May 16th: very early in the morning

    • Total Lunar Eclipse of the Sun in Taurus, Moon in Scorpio (Blood Flower Moon, in ALL the ways)

It’s official, we’re in Mercury Retrograde! A time for introspection, reevaluation, and revelation around our thoughts, our communication, our (over)dependency on technology, and more. Do you connect with people in real life as much as you do online? OR is it time to invest in some *real* face time with people, without electronics? This Mercury Retrograde invites us to reconnect with people and places, in your own back yard or with some outdoor adventures. Phones optional.

Mercury will be retrograde in Gemini for most of May, and then move back into Taurus for the remainder of its “backward” travels. We’ll be invited to revisit what we learned while Mercury was in Taurus (the last 3 weeks of April). If you find yourself in sticky conversations, including foot-in-mouth awkwardness on either side, try to remember the celestial background music we’re working with and give some compassion to all involved (including yourself!).

In addition, we have the sparkly Santa Claus of the Skies - Jupiter - in full on Aries mode. For the aspects of this transit that impact you specifically, check out which house in your natal chart Aries covers, which house, and any planetary placements there. For example, if Aries is in the 8th house in your chart, you may see expansion and energetic shifts around themes of spirituality and magic, other people’s money, and more, depending on which plants are found there.

ALSO, Jupiter will be in Aries all the way through the end of October this year, so feel free to take notes as we go along to document this intense transit.

On Sunday, when Saturn squares the Sun, we have a great opportunity to look more clearly into what responsibilities truly align with who we are, and which ones are not built to last. Saturn forming an aspect to other planetary bodies, or to our luminaries like the Sun + the Moon, often signals a reality checkpoint. This no nonsense energy is perfect for shattering illusions, tumbling what was not built to last anyway, and buckling down into some honest to goodness hard work.

AND - We have an epic Total Lunar Eclipse with the Full Moon in Scorpio and the Sun in Taurus. Expect major opportunities for transforming your personal poisons into power, releasing the hold that old emotional and spiritual stories have on your psyche, and stepping into the most glorious, fullest expression of yourself (WARTS AND ALL).

Rachel Venooker and Lindsay Jamison have an upcoming Ceremonial Full Moon Art Journey that will aim to do just that THIS COMING MONDAY from 7 to 9 pm. Here is the link to join us:

If this astrological moment had a power animal, it would be SNAKE, an mythic figure associated with transmutation and creation. Tapping into this energy can unleash the life-death-rebirth cycle in you. Once we shed the things we do not need (people, thoughts, behaviors, etc), this makes space for what we want to manifest in our lives and communities.

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