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Offerings Beyond Creative Coaching Services

Image of Danielle Rothy

Danielle has been involved with movement and exercise for almost 2 decades. With a degree in Exercise Science and several fitness certifications, she has helped hundreds of people on their fitness journeys. Danielle understands that fitness is not just about physical health, but mental and emotional health as well.

Image of Kate Farrell

Local photographer and mother of 4, Kate has loved photography since she got her first camera as a kid. She loves photographing the seasons, stories and connections unique to family life. She offers Portraits for Professionals, Senior Portraits, Family Photography. When she's not photographing her family (or yours!) in pretty light, she's usually either with family or getting some exercise.

Image of pink flowers and Emily Dwyer standing in them

Sacred Sprays come into being when several elements are present. Water charged by moon beams or sunlight, sometimes even witnessing eclipses or interesting planetary alignments, is the basis and delivery method for the mixture.  The addition of precious concentrated essential oils extracted from the aerial parts, roots or resin of aromatic plants and trees makes Sacred Sprays a special way to experience the benefits of aromatherapy. Powerfully yet gently present flower essences enlist the vibrational energy of plants and trees to massage our emotions and initiate emotional healing.  Their benefits ripple through our lives over time with continued use.

Emily Dwyer of Reblooming Arts

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