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Astro Crush 6/22 - 6/28

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Leading the Week:

  • Tuesday, June 21st

    • Summer Solstice (day of the year with the most daylight - northern hemisphere and a Solar Holiday)

    • Sun moved into Cancer

Relevant Dates:

  • Wednesday June 22nd

    • Venus enters Gemini

  • Friday, June 24th

    • Best viewing for Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter + Saturn as they line up and shine bright a couple hours before dawn

  • Tuesday, June 28th

    • New Moon in Cancer, where the Sun and Moon form a conjunction at 7 degrees (and very, very close to Black Moon Lilith at 8 degrees)

The Summer Solstice (in the northern hemisphere) is a potent, radiating point in the Wheel of the Year. Astrologically speaking, we look at the Summer Solstice as an opportunity to collect all the bits and pieces that our curiosity inspired during Gemini Season, and lay them all out on the table in front of us. When we were in the heat of inspiration, what information did we gather about who we want to be connected to, and what kinds of communities we want to be a part of? Now that we are in Cancer Season, from June 21 to July 22, we can parse out which connections have staying power. We can use this “homebody” energy to stay closer and deepen connections to those we’ve encountered, and we can also remind ourselves that home is a concept. We can build “home” wherever we are, and also within ourselves.

This time of year is marked by late night stargazing (and planet gazing), and in the next few days we will have a beautiful opportunity to do just that. It will absolutely be worth it to get up a bit before dawn (or stay up all night if that suits you better) to catch the rare viewing of our original Astrological Planets of influence. In the olden days of Astrology, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, along with our luminaries the Moon and the Sun, were the only planets that were used. Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and the asteroids, centaurs, and others have only been regularly incorporated into the body of Astrology in the last couple hundred years. So this chance to look at the sky as the astrologers did thousands of years ago, to see the cosmos in the way they did, is truly magical.

Next Tuesday we have the New Moon in Cancer at 8:52 pm EDT, closely situated in the sky near Black Moon Lilith. There is a BIG push and pull between Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energy, action vs reception, doing vs being.

In the full moon we just had, Black Moon Lilith was a figure there, as well, and this mythological figure is being pulled into our collective conversation. Cancer rules motherhood, mothering, babies, and nurturing of all sorts. Black Moon Lilith is a dark figure, and has a chaotic, wild, animal instinct energy, and can be a vengeful energy when her boundaries have been crossed. This can show up in our current events as reproductive rights in jeopardy. The decision by the Supreme Court regarding Roe v Wade happens around this New Moon, so we will see how this energy takes form, and how we all respond to it.

Rachel Venooker and Lindsay Jamison will be offering a New Moon Workshop to work with this potent, magical energy on Monday, June 27th from 6 to 8 pm. Here is the link to join them:

As always, the medicine for these times is to stay present with what you can, nurture your nervous system, your communities, and investing in healing for self and healing for all.

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