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Astro Insights of the Moment - May 2023

May 1 - Pluto retrogrades in Aquarius, and will continue to move “backward” until it slides back into Capricorn by June 11th. Think themes of technology, money, group think, humanitarian initiatives, and collective organizing, as well as power grabs in the areas of Big Data, politics, and Big Money (think banking and financial industries vs. cryptocurrency and NFTs). Individually, we’re invited into how Aquarian themes show up in our lives, both as a benefit, and as a challenge.

Where in your chart does Aquarius live, and are there any important plants or points there? This is the area of your life most likely to be amplified or impacted by this transit.

ALSO May 1 - We have Mercury retrograde in Taurus conjunct the Sun, in a moment called cazimi (or “in the heart of”). The Taurus themes of this period are beautifully illuminated, and because Mercury is retrograde, it can serve as an invitation to slow down and be more thoughtful and deliberate, rather than push through and forge ahead. This can feel a bit like cabin fever (especially since we’re in the threshold between eclipses - which can often feel like GO-Go-GO energy).

Just a few days later, on May 5th, we have the full moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio, so we have the Sun in Taurus opposing the Moon in Scorpio. The Taurus-Scorpio dichotomy is one we’ve been living with and processing since 2021. Think of powerful energy around sensations, emotional well-being, physical well-being, and autonomy around the body. TRANSFORMATION is on the menu, in all of these realms.

May 9th we have Uranus conjunct the Sun, a light-filled hopper of inspiration, bursts of creativity, and solar-powered insights. Since this is in the sign of Taurus, we can look for innovative ways to look at our finances, our physicality, our projects and plans around what matters to us and what we value. A GREAT day to engage the five senses and embrace spontaneity.

By May 14th, Mercury stations direct, and we can begin to process and integrate all that transpired since Mercury went retrograde back on April 21st. What lessons have you learned - or perhaps mishaps or miscommunications you experienced - that highlighted your current plans and projects. What ideas are you able to let go of that weren’t bringing enough value into your life? And what can you invest more of your resources into (time, energy, love, money) that have a high ROI?

On May 16th, after a few-day square with Pluto (representing an invitation to step into your power, we have Jupiter roll into Taurus. We may feel a sense of an out-of-control fire finally being put out, as Taurus has a grounding, steadying effect. What are your sensory pleasures that bring you comfort, and ease? What parts of your life need tender loving care, and perhaps some beautification?

May 19th brings us the New Moon in Taurus, and we cross the threshold out of the eclipse window (where we’ve been in something of an interesting transformational place since April 20th. This New Moon is an invitation to drop into a place of simple pleasures and easeful enjoyment, of your home, friends, and family (chosen or otherwise).

By May 21st we have the Sun entering Gemini, a time when folks want to get out there and connect, exchange ideas, and flex their extroverted side.

With all this Taurus energy flowing during the month of May, it’s a great idea to review where in your chart Taurus resides, and any planets or points relating to it. This is very likely to be a beautiful month of transformation and restoration.

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