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Astro Crush 6/29 - 7/5

Astro Crush - Astrology Insights of the Moment

By Rachel Venooker of Creative Coaching Services

Wednesday, June 29th through Tuesday, July 5th

Leading the Week:

  • Tuesday, June 28th

    • New Moon in Cancer, where the Sun and Moon form a conjunction at 7 degrees (and very, very close to Black Moon Lilith at 8 degrees)

Upcoming Dates:

  • Friday, July 1st

    • Mars in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn

  • Saturday, July 2nd

    • Mercury in Gemini in a trine with Saturn in Aquarius AND squaring Neptune Retrograde in Pisces

  • Monday/Tuesday July 4th and 5th

    • Opening to the Sirius Gateway

During the span of time between the Summer Solstice and this past Tuesday, we had intense energy around the push and pull between Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energy, action vs reception, doing vs being.

In the full moon we just had, Black Moon Lilith was a figure there, as well, and this mythological figure is being pulled into our collective conversation. Cancer rules motherhood, mothering, babies, and nurturing of all sorts. Black Moon Lilith is a dark figure, and has a chaotic, wild, animal instinct energy, and can be a vengeful energy when her boundaries have been crossed. This can show up in our current events as reproductive rights in jeopardy. The decision made by the Supreme Court regarding Roe v Wade happened around this New Moon and we are likely all feeling intensely about the decision.

The question becomes, what will you DO with these feelings, with this energy?

With Mars in Aries (at home in this fiery sign of the individual), squaring Pluto in Capricorn (government, control, status quo), we will have an opportunity to tap into what we personally can do to live up to our ideals of the world we want to shape. Power Systems and structures are flexing hard right now, and this is oftentimes followed by a period of unraveling and restructuring. This means we get a lot of say in what is built on the other side. Keep those fires lit, folks.

On Saturday we have Mercury in ITS home sign of Gemini, in a powerful conversation with Saturn retrograding in Aquarius. This is where our ideas can come in for what we’re building, and who we’re building it with. Geminis are the ultimate power connectors, they see the web, they see the strings and how they connect to people and communities. If you need something, a skill or a tool, ask your local Gemini. We also have Mercury squaring off with Neptune, who has just gone retrograde in ITS home sign of Pisces. Dream big, friends, and dream deep. Psychic Gift Development is ABSOLUTELY on the menu, if you want it.

Meditation and Journeywork are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED right now, from Saturday on through past the US Independence Day.

On July 4th and 5th, we have our Sun in conjunction with what is called our “spiritual Sun”, the star Sirius, who is in Cancer. Sirius is related to the goddess Isis in Egyptian mythology, as well as Anubis. So we’re looking at themes of birth as well as death, earth-walking and spirit communication. During this period of time, we can expect massive energy surges, amplified awareness, and downloads through the lens of motherhood, boundaries, bodily autonomy, and the fierce love of our nearest and dearest. Things may get heated around this time, with all the Mars in Aries energy cooking, so it may be best to avoid confrontational situations wherever possible.

TAKE CARE of yourselves. Invest in your communities. Soak up the sun, commune with nature, stargaze whenever possible. Astrology has our backs, even as it coincides with deep, and sometimes difficult, transformation. Much Love to All.

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