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Astro Insights of the Moment - June 2023

Updated: May 29, 2023

Highs, lows, and everything in between: June is lined up to be an astrologically mixed month. Mercury - finally - leaves its retrograde shadow phase, we have a beautiful Sagittarius full moon, and Venus strolls into fiery Leo - all within the first week! And no less than three (3) planets will slide into their retrograde periods before we step into July. Read on for how to navigate June’s oh-so-interesting astro weather:

June 1 - Mercury is firmly back on track and moving forward with momentum - and messages for you. Archetypally we think of these post-retrograde time periods as moments of insight and awareness. Suddenly, you may find you can see a situation (or people) with fresh eyes and new understanding. It’s a great time to look at what areas of your life (and natal chart) are infused with Taurus energy, such as your finances, your values, your relationships, and your somatic experiences.

You can ask yourself questions such as “What has the quality of my relationship with my finances been like since April 3rd? How have things changed? How have patterns continued? Do I have a new understanding in this area?” Apply this same line of questioning to your values, your relationships, to yourself and others.

June 3rd - Hello Sagittarius full moon! Sagittarius energy is adventure-seeking, thrill-seeking, and always wanting to know what the highest, most noble truth is in any situation. There is a sense of light-heartedness, and a little necessary distance from our emotional experience, almost like we can feel AND notice what we’re feeling, without being too caught up in it. It’s a great moment to release your attachments to lessons and stories that prevent you from “traveling light” as you move forward on your big adventure (life!).

June 4th - The two “octaves” of quick-thinking, innovative insight, and creative communication unite when Mercury and Uranus form a conjunction in earthy, sensory-oriented Taurus. For one day only, you have an opportunity to infuse your creative life and rituals of simple pleasure with energy and aliveness. A great day to disrupt your own thinking patterns or behaviors that are due for a refresh, and invite a bold new perspective into daily life.

June 5th marks the grand entrance of Venus into Leo, where the planet of love, warmth, and fierce compassion will stay until October 8th. For those clocking it, that means this energy will demarcate our experience of Summer and welcome in Autumn. Ordinarily, this planet moves through signs quickly, but will retrograde mid-summer, extending the stay in Leo. Love - and expressions of it - can be big and bold, and invites us into a space of showing the world (and each other) just how much your heart can shine. Leo isn’t known for being overly cautious (and Venus rules money, honey) so take a beat before you spend all the money on all the things. Infuse your days with simple pleasures, without a dollar sign attached, and you’ll navigate this transit beautifully.

June 11th - Retrograding Pluto steps slowly back into Capricorn. That’s right, Pluto in Aquarius won’t be “official” official until the end of 2024. We have an opportunity to look at what we’ve seen/felt/experienced in the realm of Aquarius in our charts (groups, communities, causes, innovations, technology) since March of this year, when Pluto first dipped its toe into that section of sky. You may notice something of a highlight - or lowlight - reel playing on memories, patterns, thoughts and behaviors that have been playing out since 2008. Who were you in 2008? What worldview did you have? How has that shifted, expanded, or contracted since then? It may be a great time to pull out a photo album - do these exist anymore? - and take a trip or two down memory lane. And give yourself lots and lots of space and grace.

Also on June 11th - Venus and Jupiter square off in a dance supercharged with brightness, spiciness, and creativity. Now would be a fabulous time to do a little creative reinvention, dusting off or starting new creative projects anchored in your values, with a strong dose of inner child exuberance. Take gentle, joyful risks, lead with an open heart, and watch as the world around you takes on a new sparkle and shine.

June 17th - A New Moon in Gemini is the perfect time to set intentions for how you’d like to move through the next 2 weeks (first wave) to 6 months (second wave). New Moons correspond to what we’d like to create or generate for ourselves. Two weeks later, there is a full moon where we can see what has sprouted for us (or developed without our noticing). Then, six months later, there is a full moon in the same sign. The Gemini new moon of June syncs up with the Gemini full moon of late November this year. A lovely time to cultivate connecting the dots, story-sharing, and embracing paradox and duality in your nature. Each of us carries light, and shadow, each of us is capable of holding many opposing truths for ourselves - and each other - at once. How do you want to be for the rest of the year, and what will it take to embrace that truth? If you desire something in your outer reality that you don’t see YET, it’s already inside, waiting for you to draw it out. What steps can you take to do just that?

Also on June 17th - and adding a beautiful layer to this new moon inquiry, Saturn in Pisces moves into a retrograde period, the first one in about 28 years. Retrogrades are beautiful times to review and reflect. Saturn in Pisces is something of an enigma, where Saturn loves to put things into a box, and Pisces energy asks, “What even is a box? Why a box, and not a sphere?” Saturn in Pisces is an invitation to provide structure to Piscean themes of spirituality, the collective unconscious, and all that is-and-isn't’ seen. Saturn is a transpersonal planet, meaning it impacts us on an individual level, takes that information and translates it into collective experience, then brings that collective experience back into the personal. You have some time on this one, folks, as this retrograde period of reflection will last until November 4th. How does your personal spiritual, mental, and emotional health practice uplift you, and also move the needle on positively impacting our collective experience on the planet. Does your practice contribute to the whole?

June 21st - Happy Solstice! The Sun moves out of airy, zoomy Gemini and into watery, sensitive Cancer. This is the day with the most daylight, the counterpoint to the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. It marks the first day of official Summer, and an opportunity. Cancer is a sign of home, family, emotional life, and how we give and receive care. This view expands outward, to acknowledge and recognize how this planet cares for us, and how we care (or neglect) the planet. It’s a fabulous day to spend as much time outside as you can, maybe have a fire to gather around, and share stories and memories of and with family and friends.

June 30th - Neptune in Pisces begins its retrograde period. Neptune is a planet of the collective (like Uranus and Pluto), and so its movements are felt on a larger, less personal scale. This runs all the way to December (sound familiar?), so be on the lookout for global patterns of seeing deeper truths, and revealing truths behind illusions and delusions. If you’ve seen the Wizard of Oz, this can feel a whole lot like seeing that the Mighty Oz was nothing more than a man pulling levers behind a curtain, creating an illusion of a much more powerful persona. Be willing to see the truth, rather than hanging onto illusions that may make you feel more comfortable in the present moment, but may be deceptive or even harmful long term.

The end of June is a sweeping close to a month characterized by big energetic highs, and deeply quiet lows. Only you can determine how you’d like to embrace the moment.

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